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Audio Services

We offer a wide range of Audio Recording Editing Services including Podcasting, Sound Editing, Video Editing, and Web Audio.


What if you could make your audio podcasts, tele-seminars, and webinars sound high-end without the $$$ cost of a professional studio?

Does the sound and clarity of your voice represent the true expert you really are?

Are you one of those ah, um, uh people who just can't seem to shake those silent blubbers?

* If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need Rocnred Professional Audio Services.

Client / Project List
Manhattan Transfer
Snoop Dog
L.A. Guns
Jerry Cantrell
(Alice in Chains)
Enrique Iglesias
Return To Neverland
The Simpsons
Full List



If you need any type of audio recording or sound editing services, we can help you sound even better!  Whether it is web based audio or personal/professional based, we edit and improve your recordings to make them sound great!  

Be honest, have you ever heard the following in your podcast, tele-seminar or webinar?

  • An unusual buzzing noise
  • Your guest speaker has an unusual amount of "um's.., uh's..., coughs, or unwanted silence"?
  • You hear some humming noise?
  • Unwanted sentences or arrangement of sentences that you would like to move around
  • You need to reassemble your audio to arrange speech in any order?
  • You need to fix that awful sounding Podcast?
  • Did you want to insert music or commercials into that awesome Podcast?
  • You wish to add 'Royalty Free' music to your podcast or seminar?
  • You need to embed some audio files on your web site?
  • You need the audio louder, not so dull sounding, or some other fix?
  • You just do not have time for the audio editing or recording learning curve?
  • Do not know which microphone to use for that amazing new podcast you just thought of?

Various Audio Recording Editing Services Uses:

  • Create Podcasts to pull in clients to your services
  • Having trouble converting that audio or video file to play on your computer or DVD player?
  • Create audio & video for for Web Streaming
  • Did you record a tele-seminars and it needs audio editing to make it sound presentable?
  • Do you want to add Audio & Video to your Power Point Presentations
  • Compilation CD's (personal music / playlist mixes, books on tape, etc.)
  • Need someone for a Voice-Over for a podcast or a commercial?
  • Add royalty free music to a special project or gift?
  • Do you have some audio that needs fixing?
We have also expanded our services to now include video editing using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and Sony Sound Forge. Now there is a seamless integration of video and audio.  

We offer premium Audio Recording Editing Services, but not a premium price. check rates

It is amazing what can be done to clean up audio and what a big difference it can make.......Let us make a difference. We offer 100% satisfaction. You have nothing to lose.
Please contact us and let's see what we can do for you.






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