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Roc 'N' Red Productions has been offering services for audio recording / sound mixing for over 24 years. Continually providing high quality audio for a recording artists, podcasts, voice-over's, and a huge selection of other projects for web, television, and film.

Established in 1986. Roc 'N' Red Productions is a full digital recording/mixing/podcasting studio specializing in web audio and voice-over's. Chief engineer, Brent Reilly has worked on many professional and semi-professional projects. Originally started in San Diego in the mid 80's, the location was moved to the Los Angeles / Hollywood area to work in world class studios. He has an impressive record of working with professional musicians in Hollywood, Burbank and Los Angeles.

Currently Roc 'N' Red Productions has relocated back to San Diego and works out of a 48 track digital studio. Catering to the small business person wanting to step into professional sounding audio for web audio & podcasting without the high price of a full professional studio.




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