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The Possibilities

See what our professional engineers can do for you:

  • Create professional sounding podcasts
  • Take the harshness out of using a telephone as a recording device
  • Add music
  • Add commercials or some type of advertising
  • Add professional sounding bumpers
  • Use audio editing to make your speech sound flawless
  • Increase the sound quality of your recordings
  • Add effects to give your podcasts a more dynamic feeling
  • Compress & convert audio files to a more convenient file type
  • Create a custom RSS Feed to be included into the iTunes Store


Podcast Tutorials

One-on-One instruction on how to get the most out of your podcasts:

  • Proper mic placement
  • Hardware and software to make podcasting easier
  • Speaking tutorials to make you speech patterns or annoyances go away
  • Setup your hardware and software configurations to make it all work
  • Help with submitting the XML to podcast directories
  • Consulting on proper storage, submission of podcasts all over the world








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