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Do you have some digital or web audio that needs fixing?
  • Excessive hum, buzz, hiss, or unwanted background noises
  • Irritating pops and clicks
  • Unwanted "stutters, "ums/uhs", unwanted pauses, coughs, or parts of the audio that is not needed or parts that need to be rearranged
  • Low level sound or excessive loud parts
  • Reduce voice 'ssss' and close mic popping
  • File conversion for the internet
  • Increase sound fidelity for any format
  • Convert one file format to another format
Added services we can provide
  • Add music to existing files
  • Fix the EQ (equalization or tone) of the audio
  • Mix multiple files together to create a stereo or mono file
  • Professional studio recording of your script by one of our Featured Voice Artists using state-of-the-art digital recording and high-end microphones
  • Add commercials or ads to your audio file
  • Noise reduction software to get rid of noise anomalies
  • Careful mixing of the music into your program using fades and "ducking" so it blends well and doesn't drown out your voice
  • Consultation on choices for audio for recording, live, web, or final production
We also offer Audio Conversion services:
  • Many audio file format conversions (wav, mp3, ra, m4p, aiff, CD, Video, Flash audio, etc.)
  • Conversion of audio to any mp3 fidelity - mono or stereo, any kbps, any sampling rate
  • Conversion of audio to You Tube or real-time audio streaming
  • Transferring of files to any server through FTP
  • Audio preparation for power point presentations
  • Compilation CD's (personal Music mixes, books on tape, etc.)
  • Special conversion processes that allow you to use your music on any player or format


If you are doing any type of audio recording / mixing projects, give us a call. We can help your audio sound better!

With digital audio becoming the standard for all audio, it is amazing what can be done to clean up audio with digital processing and digital plug-ins.


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